Friday Stragglers

6 Mar

If you haven’t been invited to the pub by 5pm on a Friday then just give up. Don’t walk hopelessly with your phone in your hand, waiting for an invitation because it isn’t coming and you aren’t popular enough to merit an invite. Go home, have a bath and go to bed. That’s what I am doing and happily so as I know I’m out tomorrow with the Duchess of Northolt and we are to be pampered. Going to be a mission to get there and back as there are no trains tomorrow but hey, what can I do? Back to normality with the trains tonight at Cannon Street and the 18.20 is currently six minutes late. How’s that possible when Friday evening is such a quiet commute? Into the station now and I am on the 18.37 – it is currently on time and had been sitting at platform five for a good minute or two before they announced it – that has to be a good sign, right? Let’s hope so and that the delay before won’t fuck this badboy up. We are looking good at the moment and the train is quite empty. I hope it stays like this as I can’t be arsed with any sort of fuckery on this trip home. Overdramatic whistle blowing is occurring, doors beeping and train moving at 18.38 – not bad. Not good, but not bad. I’m going to post now and wish you a wonderful weekend, Obborati. I shall pass on your best wishes to the Duchess tomorrow.


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