5 Mar


Lovely altercation with a dumb bitch on a bike just now – King William Street as I’m crossing on the traffic island to get to St Swithins Lane and I am in the middle of the road on the traffic island having already managed to get halfway over. I’m looking to my left at the oncoming traffic as the traffic to my right is long gone but no, here she comes speeding past on the wrong side and coming at me from me right as I am stepping out. She failed to see what she had done wrong – she even said that she couldn’t hear me which is great after she was called a stupid fucking bitch. Firstly riding into oncoming traffic as if she has her own dual carriageway and then almost taking me out. Fingers crossed she ends up on the wrong side of a lorry later this evening – ones like that always do. It’s shocking the risks they fucking take but then it’s everyone else’s fault when they get knocked off. Fucking arseholes, every single one of them. Sweet baby jesus I think the gods are smiling on me – just saw a cyclist trip up the steps on his way into Cannon Street as he tried to tiptoe up with the bike over his high-vised shoulder, head to toe in lycra, in his stupid little cycling shoes with the special bits on the bottom to lock into the pedals. I just snorted and carried on with my life as I’m not helping someone like that. That attire is for professionals and you most certainly are not. As I always say, no point putting a helmet onto that bonce of yours fuckwit as there is nothing in there to protect. I will tentatively report that the trains are fine this evening. For the first time I can remember in weeks, there isn’t a huge number of people on the concourse waiting and the 18.37 isn’t advertised as delayed yet. It is only 18.28 though so plenty of time to fuck it all up. Friday tomorrow and it can’t have come soon enough. The last two mornings have been a real struggle to get up and out. I’m going to get my old 18.46 again this evening as I was able to get a bus along the highstreet last night for the first time in ages. The 18.37 has just pulled out two or three seconds late. I am on the 18.46 now and the sight above greeted me. From the platform I though it was that “stuff you sprinkle” onto sick – quoting the Bennys from the other day. On closer inspection it is either sugar or salt – what a fucking random spillage? Intermingled with pistachio shells. This train is going to be so empty – it goes one stop more than the 18.37 and leaves 9 minutes later. I could have hopped on to that 18.37 but I am now boycotting it as a protest. It had its chance and it blew it. Piece of shit. Go and run over a cyclist. Below to sign off is my witty comeback to Southeastern today on Twitter in case you missed it – I know, I’m a fucking genius. Obviously it was avoided by the selective blindness.



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