Bad Choice

5 Mar

I made the mistake of sitting next to a manspreader and he is one of those who wants to show the world why he needs to spread – no, he isn’t sitting with his sweaty cock and balls out, he is leafing through Bank Of Scotland paperwork no doubt applying for a loan and to be fair, that isn’t something you want to shout about because it means you have no money. I don’t know why men must sit like he is or read that gash on the train but he is and I hope he gets off soon as this isn’t pleasant at all. It is his arms that are all spread taking up more than his allotted space – he is way over the line between the seats. He is taking up as much room as a dainty elephant but those bitches always try and concertina down as much as they can so there is space – so they think they look smaller – but he isn’t even trying to give me any more room. Coat all draped about under my ass so no doubt the tugging will begin soon when he starts to pack all of this very important financial paperwork into his oh so naff case and wants to get up. Oh now he is looking at his iPhone (4s FYI so there again proof he is broke) and the tugging has already begun but I’m not moving or apologising for his choice to spread out, he should be apologising to me. Vile man – I hope he gets turned down for his loan. Time to post as I try and shield myself from his coughing and soon we will be busy and my left shoulder will be used as an ass rest as always. Sigh.


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