Fat Back Express

4 Mar

I would refer to the train this morning as the dainty elephant express but some are men and some women, then one I have no idea. Nomatter what they are, they are taking up way too much room. Combined with the huge bastards on the train is a kid behind me and a kid in front bawling and then the train is fucking busy. I’m short, there will be bloodshed on the train this morning because this is too much to cope with. I had to make an aisle seat loving fuckwit move so I could get a seat. I was hoping he was going to stand up so I could get by the window but that was too hard for him, so he shuffled very slowly over. Then left all his coat and crap on the empty-ish seat so I had to physically move that myself or I would have felt the tugging from beneath me eventually and then heard the huffing as if it was my fault. Textbook fuckwit. I’m going to have to post as I already have a headache and the fucking kid behind is making me want to ask one of the rotund folk to sit on my head to block put the sound. Until this evening.


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