Chav Explosion

24 Feb


Fuck knows what his problem was but he literally had a hussy fit when I asked why he wasn’t riding along the road, when he sped past me on the pavement as I made my way to the station. At first he seemed super shocked that someone had bothered to open their gob to question him and then the abuse – “what did you say, you fat ugly cunt? Don’t question me” and obviously I let him know that he is in the wrong so asked what his problem was and he was off, leaving me laughing in his grey tracksuited wake. He arrived at the station for trains to Dartford so I was able to get a picture of him which is now above for you. Look at the state of him – I guess his vile mood was because he had to get up and leave the house before Jeremy Kyle came on and he isn’t used to that. No doubt he was travelling without a ticket as he came in to the station from the other side rather than through the ticket office, and slumped down the platform in the same way that other cycling wanker does when he goes all the way along the pavement until he reaches the steps. What confused me no end about the altercation this morning was the gormless looking couple that we both passed, who both just stood there with their jaws on the floor and completely missing what I was shouting about. How can people be that thick? That fat whore appeared from nowhere again when the train pulled in this morning and tried to push in. I had been checking all around to see if she was there, and there was no sign until the train arrived and all of a sudden there she was with her attention seeking cup of coffee and her huge bag ready to batter the fuck out of anyone who came close. She will be put in her place before the week is out if she keeps on going like that. If you get to the station after everyone else, then fucking wait your turn to get onto the train. If she wants to get on first, get out of bed earlier or better still, ditch the coffee shop trip because that will save you time. I am so sick of the fuckwits though at the station killing me every day that I am seriously considering asking about doping flexitime at work so I can start later, or just start getting the DLR every day but then again that is always full of fuckers too. It’s a bad situation all round – where is my fucking chauffer when I need him? I’m too good for this shit every day. Time to post.


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