Quick Quick

23 Feb

The train might not be for four minutes, but why do we all have to amble at your pace? Head down, staring at your phone, earphones on over your hood so you are completely unaware of everyone around you and then you do manage to hear “quick quick” somehow from behind and it amazes you. Small argument ensues as you disagree with me but as always, who the fuck are you to hold everyone behind you up? Nobody, that’s right. The train arrived and nobody wanted to stand up to the platform edge today so that fat whore who pushed in from the other day also did the same today. I am now on board, next to a manspreading wanker who huffed and puffed when I tried to sit in the seat available. He isn’t sitting properly in the seat, and instead has his legs to one side and his phone up in front which means he is taking up mote than his quota of seat space. I told him he is going to have to move over but only because of the look and reaction that I got when I sat down and tried to use the whole seat that I was trying to occupy. Funnily enough there isn’t enough room for him, his phone and his bag along with his gut and cock and balls so I’m virtually sitting on his lap. Fuck me I love Monday morning – everyone in a shitty mood and out for themselves. Fat fuck to my left still hasn’t moved an inch as he is so engrossed in his iPhone and now I’m going to post as my shoulder becomes an ass rest for the people of Maze Hill.


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