Truth About Lucy

20 Feb


As I said last night, Shaun Slater was involved and his comment is above for your perusal – he told the truth too. Bobby was told to take the blame after coming down and seeing what had happened – I was in a clinch with Shaun on the sofa at the time. Bobby came down and saw what had happened and I recognised him instantly – he is one of the little shits who push in front when getting on to the train in the morning and them sits and screams loudly with his little shit mates. I knew I could manipulate him and so I did – I got him all riled up to hate Lucy and then he was raging and so I told him then that he will take the heat for it. Little did I know that the little wanker was then going to go and call his “mummy” to tell her to come and help him but anyway. So there you have it – and tonight the real fall out happens. I am sitting on the 7.41 now and eyeing up my next victim; fully grown male, head to toe high vis so we can safely assume he works in manual labour, and he is playing a game on his phone but has no headphones and the sounds are doing my fucking head in. This is the usual behaviour of the Bobbys of this world where I can usually just shoot them a look and they shit themselves and them stop being a little wanker. I have my earphones in both ears which is rare. When I went to get them from my bag, I did toy with the idea of offering them to him so we don’t have to hear that fucking racket, but then I remembered they are Sennheiser and I’m not sharing that for anyone. I should put the shit Apple ones I got free with the iPod into my bag and offer them up because this does seem to happen fairly frequently. Last night for example, a trio of cackling Hispanic bitches all gaffawing over some shit YouTube clip of what sounded like a stand up comedian – which aren’t really funny at the best of times – and they were fucking everyone off as it was so fucking loud. Time to post now and I’m at the theatre this evening so I won’t be able to see the Enders live episode until later on but I’m sure I’m going to get away with it. Bobby – whichever one it is – will happily take the blame and turn into the new Ben Mitchell… Speaking of whom, what the fuck was Kathy doing there?


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