I Killed Lucy

19 Feb

Well, I can’t hold it in anymore and wait for the live show later – it was me, I killed Lucy Beale on Eastenders and let me tell you why. Back in April she started a late night fight with me on the train because she had her VIB on the seat next to her and I wanted to sit down after enjoying a wonderful evening out. She didn’t like having to move the bag and huffed all the way to  Walford so I got off when she did, followed her home and into the house, smacked her over the head with a music box and then she was gone. I stood and laughed, then I called Shaun Slater to come and help me ditch the body away from the house. I think I got away with it as I don’t even seem to be mentioned in the press associated with it which is good news. So I am on the 18.37 now which has left a couple of minutes late and I’m going to go home and let the drama unfold, all the while knowing it was me. The moral of the tale is not to leave your bag on the seat next to you because it hasn’t bought a ticket to get on the train. It is a terrible admission on my part and I know I shouldn’t have done it, but her vile attitude was the final straw and she had to be finished because of that bag. Happy viewing later, Obborati – we can discuss the fake killer once they have been revealed.


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