19 Feb

I was there first this morning – no doubt I was first as there was nobody nearby to my doors. The man who has faux chat with Posh Pikey arrived next then there were some other randoms who appeared just as the train did. I was next to the doors, stood to one side and the normal bloke stood to the other and random woman then decides to push right on board. No dear, it doesn’t work like that. She got on and started ambling to choose a seat. I gently barged her back and she stopped as she then knew not to fuck with regulars and soon she stopped and I went on. I ousted a VIB in order to sit down and then the moron owner needed to get up at Woolwich Arsenal to get off – why not just say you are getting off at the next stop and get up anyway? It’s fucking stupid. Then again he was fucking stupid as most of these fucking stupid wankers are. I moved to the window seat and then a huge dainty elephant came and sat on the outside seat as the seat in front didn’t suit her. Fuck knows why she moved as she is now in the way even more than she was in the seat in front and she is doing paperwork which involves hanging out into the aisle. Give me strength. Time to post as I’m melting – heating is blasting out and there really is no need for it – and I need some music to get me in the mood for killing people who fuck about at London Bridge.


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