18.20 Again

18 Feb

I am here at Cannon Street even earlier this evening – I missed the 18.13 by one minute, which means I am on the 18.20 again and expecting fuckage as there were huge delays earlier on due to the obligatory signal failure. Train is rammed again like yesterday, and that is without the huge numbers of foreign people today. Sitting in a group of four women and let me tell you it is as dull as fuck. The one next to me is jabbing daintily at her iPhone to compose a whatsapp message which must be super important. The two opposite ate just looking at their phones. Woman sitting across the aisle is making a meal out of a bag of crisps as the noise is just wrong – this is a noise that would make the Duchess of Northolt absolutely incandescent with rage and she is more than likely to be asked to die rather than eat crisps as long as it was quiet. Fucking hell I might need to have a word as she is annoying. Now she has got a paper out and is rustling that too. It will be ipod time before too long. It is 18.20 and although the train has been here for a good five minutes, it said we are meant to be leaving late – oh here we go, a minute late. Ipod is on now as the chomping is actually making me want to knock her teeth out so she is forced to suck the fucking crisps. I shot her a dirty look but she just stared back vacancy as expected as she is clearly a full on zombie fuckwit who is unaware of anyone other than herself. There is a man stood right next to her at the end of the aisle and he keeps huffing and puffing when people try and get past him to be away from the doors, and he keeps shooting everyone in the seats a dirty look. If you want to sit down mate, get here earlier or wait for the next train. Then again he is probably one of those who plans to get one train and if he misses that then he is late. Southeastern newbie – oh fuck he is now sitting opposite and the crisp slag has got up to get off. Jesus there is a general mass exodus at London Bridge and I’m not sure why as that doesn’t happen on the 18.37 when I get that. It’s fucking even more rammed now after collecting the London Bridge livestock. I’m going to post so I can make eye contact with the morons all clumped by the doors… Diddums.


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