17 Feb

I had forgotten it was half term momentarily this morning but the emptiness of the train – well I say empty but before the London Bridge fuckage it was always like this – this morning. I knew full well it was half term yesterday on my way home as there were too many kids and not enough seats all the way home. I got in, flopped on the bed, put on Hollyoaks omnibus to catch up and fell asleep. I was woken up by the TV turning itself off at about half past six and then it wouldn’t go back on so I had some food and went to bed properly. It still won’t turn on this morning. Fuck knows what I am going to do because this week is Eastenders Live Week and I can’t miss that shit. I will have a fiddle with it this evening and see if I can get it to turn on. I do feel good after about 12 hours sleep as I didn’t sleep much in Manchester because of staying in a hotel and I can never sleep well in a strange bed. Back to the normality now of the daily commute and the orange gobs of Woolwich Dockyard have just got on. Posh Pikey was stood behind me at Plumstead – has he learned where his place is at long last? I do hope so. I’m going to post now and pretend I’m in Manchester again and strutting about like Liam Gallagher in a parka jacket circa 1995 – mad ferrit.


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