Slade Green

11 Feb


Every day this happens. Train leaves Dartford on time which is great. Reaches Slade Green and all hell breaks loose – what the fuck is happening? Train has arrived three minutes late and the front is rammed so much so that people are standing – why? This has been the case eversince the bullshit at London Bridge began and I don’t understand at all. Then again if they engaged their brain and waited further back along the train, then there would be no room for me so I shouldn’t complain too much. The train is only eight coaches though which is most odd considering this is peak time and you can get ten to twelve coaches during the day which is a complete waste of time as that quantity isn’t needed. Hearing is pumping out and it’s too warn and that isn’t helped by the manspreading going on to my left. I had to do the usual routine of asking to get in to the window seat and we can safely assume he isn’t going to London Bridge and instead will be getting off way before. Overheating people who just boarded at Charlton and are too manly to sit down in the available areas have just made a huge drama of opening the windows on the train. Now they are having an in depth conversation about work while mooning over an iPad. Oh fuck off you pair of twats. They are stood right by the door so they are right in the fucking way. Time to get my ipod out and drown their bullshit out.


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