“I’m 15…”

10 Feb

Wandering along the highstreet last night because it was a better option than the bus, and I chance upon something vile. It’s dragging it’s heels, as it stumbles along with its blue haired head down and it’s life focused on the small box of light in its hands. As I come to pass it, it lurches to the right and so I ask why it can’t tear itself away from its phone long enough to walk in a straight line and then it opened its gob – “oh fuck off you old bitch at least I’ve got a life” oh my God I nearly died. She couldn’t be more cliché if she tried. I stopped, turned around and looked her up and down – school uniform was all I could make out as it was dark and she had her hair all over her face. I had to ask why on earth she was out wandering the streets at such an hour and of course this outraged her “I’m fucking fifteen years old you fucking bitch” as if that is any justification to being out at 7.30pm on a school night in her school uniform and being in no rush at all. Once again I hooted with laughter at her and just left her with the thought that her mother must be so proud of her because she is such a wonderful little girl. She continued gobbing off but because she would have been overtaken by a snail, she was left far behind me to continue Snapchatting pictures of her minge to random men. What a charmer, hey? I did say as I left that I was very shocked she ain’t pushing a buggy. I am just astounded at the blue hair – who does that? Aaah yes, rebellious fifteen year old children. God I’m glad I wasn’t that stupid when I was that age. On to this morning and the train was delayed with no excuse given. Once again it looked as though it left Dartford on time but then was delayed at Slade Green – what the fuck is it about that station that makes trains so late? Lateness also means it’s rammed. I’m posting now so I can escape the bullshit with my ipod.


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