Two Fingers

9 Feb

Not often I have to moan about motorists but this evening one crossed me, quite literally, without signalling, and when I said through her closed window that she needs to indicate, she stuck two porky digits up at me – what a wanker, hey? The hilarious thing is that she looked exactly like Dr Shah and as we know, she is never wrong so this doppelganger must be of the same school of thought. I saw her starting to turn into the junction but I kept walking as I was already half way over and she wasnt indicating. The idiots ambling beside me stopped dead but she didn’t have the right of way and was more than able to stop. Let’s hope she comes a cropper with a cyclist later this evening and see how far she gets sticking her fingers up trying to scrape brains off her wheelarch. Not very far. Then again, there wouldn’t be any brains on her wheelarch because as we know, those two wheeled idiots possess nothing upstairs. I am on the 18.37 that arrived quite early this evening and we are filling up fast. It is still only 18.33 as well so we might even leave on time this evening. I do hope I don’t get a snooty bitch sitting on my outside this evening like I did on Friday. Nose buried in her seven inch thick book, and headphones in. We pulled in to Plumstead and I turn to her and as politely as always ask her to move. Not a flicker, so I ask her again as we are showing down now and I want to get out. She huffed, didn’t make any sort of eye contact and moved without looking up at all. Then she had the cheek to say “you’re welcome…” all sarcastically when I chose not to thank her for moving. I’m sorry but why would I say thank you when you were so fucking rude? She obviously got a response along the lines of why would I thank her when she took her fucking time in getting up. Then predictably she shot me evils when I got onto the platform and I just snorted at her. What a deluded bitch. You want me to be polite, them follow the lead I set when I turn to you and ask “excuse me, please?” with a smile and you can’t resist my smile. We have left on time today and I’m current trying to avoid listening to a sneezing man who is having issues with his phone as the signal keeps dropping. Time to post and block that motherfucker out.


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