“Talk to me…. Seduce me…”

29 Jan


It’s payday for me and it seems that is pretty universal today as the pubs are rammed and the people are jolly. The soundbite above was snapped as he strolled past me with his phone clamped to his ear while also having massive Dre Beats headphones also clampes to his ears. I actually cringed when I heard it – what a wanker? So we had some sort of thick liquid flurry at about 4pm outside work but I can’t tell if it was snow or if it was phlegm being projectiled (is that a word?) from the building site opposite. The amount of phlegm is growing daily now and it’s getting to look worse than Plumstead Highstreet. I thought today that scabby builders have now replaced rats in quantity and the saying should be updated to say that you are never more than ten meters away from a dirty, spitting fuckwitted builder than it being a rat. Come back rats, all is forgiven. I am surprised that we haven’t had am over dramatic email from Southeastern to warn of cancellations because of masses of snow tomorrow. They usually send it at about 3pm the day before… Not a sausage today. VIB arsehole sat opposite and manspreading hugely and he isn’t even attractive but he thinks he is. He clutched his prissy little man bag close to him when a man and came and sat down next to me but his legs are still agape and his face is still pained that someone came near his space. Fucking wanker – sit properly because nobody needs to see your pathetic excuse for a moose knuckle. He keeps looking out of the window all whimsically and in fact looking like a more tanned version of Posh Pikey – he has the hair, tweed, scarf, iPhone and mincey little bag. We are at London Bridge and he has only just moved his beloved bag when a man honking of chip fat has sat down. Ugh time to post as I want to look out the window and away from that prick opposite.



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