“She just won’t shut up…”

27 Jan

Yeah love, the irony of that comment that you have to shout down the phone on public about someone else yet it’s you we are all thinking about. I couldn’t help but snort when she said it, as I fumbled for my ipod to drown out her inane bullshit. What a day? Finally told the motherfuckers at Webhelp TSC calling from 01709765330 exactly where to go. I missed a call last week, Googled the number and saw it was on behalf of Vodafone. Since then I have missed about seven calls from the fuckers and I have contacted Vodafone to tell them to stop, contacted the company to tell them to stop and reported them to the telephone preference service a total of five times now – FUCK OFF YOU WANKERS. The dopey northern bitch that had the misfortune of actually getting through to speak was put in her place and told she was not calling from Vodafone and that they have been reported to the TPS multiple times. I ran out of breath as I berated her and her fucking dodgy company. Go and look up the number and see the horror stories. It is shocking. Worse than mis-selling PPI to people with their free tablets and not mentioning the 24 month contract. I have told them before not to fucking ring me. Cold callers are the all time worse – get a proper job. If you want to sell, work in inbound. The only way to be a successful outbound cold caller is to lie and give a false name and I know because I saw enough of it going on in one of my previous jobs for a leading UK company. I think I might write to Vodafone to ask what the fuck their point is association with such a bunch of cowboys. In fact Ann Robinson the original winker might be better placed. So, after than rant – and trust me I am still incandescent with rage – we are moving on the train and it seems to be on time… We will see how long that lasts.


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