Newspaper Fuckwits

26 Jan

I can only assume there was a problem with the 18.20 as this train is busy and brimming with the usual man-spreading wankers of the 18.20 and there are very few seats available. I am penned in by one next to me flipping through his paper and then one opposite with his paper and his legs massively agape – sit properly, fuckwit. I am near the front of the train too so we shouldn’t be this busy. Woman just got on and stopped dead in the middle of the aisle to text. Been a lot of that this evening on my journey to the station, too much in fact. A lot of map readers of both sexes who have stopped dead to make the little blue dot on their map catch up with them and just staring at the phone instead of looking up for street names and their destination. I always forget how thick people are. I think we pulled out on time. The 18.46 was just arriving as I was briskly walking to get onto the 18.37 and it looks like they have changed get that to the new style train so it’s swings and roundabouts as to which one I get as both are uncomfortable to sit on. Picking up livestock at London Bridge and there are no seats left. Man next to me is now jabbing away at his phone as he tries to make a call – honestly a chimp would do a better job with that thing. Time to post, I’m done with the fuckwits today.


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