Ball Airer Returns

26 Jan


Woke up to the wonderful news above and debated for a while what to do – risk the train or get the DLR. I am sitting on the 7.41 and it was pretty much on time. Sadly my few minutes at the platform edge were blighted by the long time MIA ball airer and he was chewing like a fucking camel. I stood right next to him and so in front of him as he was stood with his balls airing and facing Abbey Wood. I stood as close as I could to block his pointless view down the tracks as he has done to me many times before. I even ensured that I pushed in front of him as he was faffing about on the edge of the platform – quick and the dead in this realm my dear. Posh Pikey minced down when the train arrived and had to stand behind us which is a lovely sight to behold. The trains seem to be OK despite no real time updates – how the fuck does that even happen? Just get staff to pick up a telephone and share the real-time information. Ugh the Gucci Rush honking orange women of Woolwich Dockyard have got on and are sitting nearby. One is chewing in the same way that the ball airer was and so I feel it’s almost time to post so I can get my ipod out. On the platform edge I just over dramatically heaved my scarf up over my ear to block out the disgusting sound. Here I can do the iPod. Time to post.


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