Too Late

23 Jan

I got the bus to the station this morning as one was coming and it was empty so I hopped on as it is cold today. Got to the station at about 7.30 – ticket inspectors were there, all stood around and gobbing off instead of actually doing any work, and then loads of sheep were stood in the ticket office instead of on the platform because for some reason they think that is warmer… Why? So I just storm right through to take up my place on the platform edge and there is a Southeastern employee crippling up the steps with a huge bucket of salt. Now, why is the bucket full and why isn’t he sprinkling it about so people don’t slip? They can’t even be arsed to spend money on some fucking salt to put down to stop people falling over. There were about one or two grains on the platform edge that I saw, but that was it. Fuck knows where he was going with the brimming bucket but it certainly wasn’t to protect themselves from being sued from people slipping over. How kind, hey? So I am on the train and it was a minute or two late. A little less busy than usual but at least it turned up today. The 7.51 must have been hell yesterday and I’m fucking glad I missed it. Fat wanker sitting opposite with his cup of coffee and his massive floppy hood pulled up over his face – as if someone that fat gets cold. He is leaving against the window pulling an “please sir, I’d like some more” Oliver face and rubbing his vile pink, puffy eyes. Funny how you can spot the newbies. Just realised that his bag is on the seat opposite him which is in front of me. Vile wanker – just move it. If it isn’t moved shortly I will be voicing my opinion of it and very loudly. His mate is sitting next to his VIB and I assume that he also has a bag on the seat. Friday fitty has just boarded but I can tell by the way he minced down to his seat that he bats for the other team. Shame, hey? Posting now as I need some music so I don’t have to hear floppy hood’s continual sniffing.


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