Hell Averted?

22 Jan

The 18.20 was delayed in leaving but it seems like the 18.37 isn’t as badly affected. No reason or excuse given for the delay mind, just like this morning with the 7.41 – it just got cancelled. The DLR got progressively busier which was annoying and culminated in mass pushing in order to walk around the corner to get out. I stepped onto the platform at Shadwell and was greeted with a huge puddle of orange vomit which was quite lumpy – someone travelled and got overheated with a hangover resulting in them parking their breakfast on the platform. Beautiful, hey? I am sitting in a normal seat again this evening on this shitty train but in a set of two rather than the set of four on Tuesday evening. I can’t stand ugly people sitting opposite and pissing me off. I can handle fuckery next to me – trampy looking woman who is perusing her purchases from TK Maxx and then pulled out a ginormous pink newspaper and reads. Who shops in that shop then reads the Financial Times? Baffled for sure. I’m going to have to post as I’m tired and want to stare out of the window and listen to questionable music very loudly.


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