Normal Seat

20 Jan

I am on the 18.37 this evening but I am sitting in a normal seat as I keep having worries of the luggage rack collapsing and that wouldn’t be good. Normal seat is shit though as it means seeing the miserable faces of the commuting scum that are travelling with me. Too many fuckwits walking this evening to the station and insisting on walking and texting and therefore not looking where they are going. I can’t wait to see one get hit by a cyclist – that will make my entire life. Looks like we are leaving on time – make a note of the date as it doesn’t happen often. The signal keeps dropping on my phone and has been since they changed the timetable. I can only think it is because there are more people here now using the available capacity at the cellsite. I said we were leaving on time? Scrap that – we are leaving late. 12 year old platform person has blown his whistle about seven times now – how about let us go, knobby? There we go – two minutes late and that is more like what we are used to. Christ I’m raging – I just hope th vomit smell has dissipated from Plumstead and that there aren’t any ticket inspectors as there may well be a reason to arrest me. Toodle pip, Obborati.


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