Funny Looks

19 Jan

Snooty blonde woman is looking at me oddly while I sit comfortably and discreetly in the luggage rack. She can sit on the uncomfortable seats and play with her iPhone all she likes and I don’t give a shit. I would rather sit up here and away from the back ache and no leg room than down there with the snoots. She forgets, as they always do, that she is on a train to chavsville, so she can’t really snoot at me. I watched the 18.30 pull out of platform four this evening as I walked to board this 18.37 train – and that motherfucker left two minutes early. You can’t go moving the goalposts like that Southeastern because people like to leave it to the last second to board your shitty trains, so you can’t send them out early as it messes people up. People keep walking through the carriages again – what is it about these new style trains that makes people do that? Snooty has taken the time to turn around again to stare at yours truly; she must be in love with me but then I can’t blame her, I am irresistible. I’m expecting drama from London Bridge this evening but every time I do, it seems to all be fine. Let’s see – leaving Cannon Street now as I type. From my limited view it looks like the carriage has filled it’s quota of seats so I expect fisticuffs shortly. Listening to a man drone on on his phone who said about six times that he is going now and then continues to drone on and on. Cock. Snooty is having trouble keeping her overly mascara-ed eyes open, but the sheer weight of those lids must be a burden to carry every day. She has opened them long enough to preen her bleached hair in the reflection in the window though and she is now pulling at the crispy mascara on her left lashes. Here we go – arrived at London Bridge… Doesn’t look any busier than usual but the lack of seating and luggage rack is going to annoy some. Oh well, bovvered? They don’t give a shit for me when I’m seatless so the feeling is reciprocated. I’m going to post as the man is still gobbing on and I want some music to entertain me.


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