Hunger Games

14 Jan



The 18.20 (which was the 18.21 before) was delayed and only pulled out at 18.28 and so I am on the 18.30 that has just arrived at 18.31 – hunger games is my current situation. They let the 18.20 run but then cut out stations including Plumstead which is a fucking waste of time as the 18.30 is also a fast train so those fucking wankers could have waited for this train and let people like me who need the inbetween stations get the delayed train. I know I now must deal with either Woolwich or Abbey Wood but I haven’t yet decided which one yet. I would leap off this train and skip over to platform five where I think the 18.37 will go from but at least this way I am on a train and it should be going soon. Fuck – just missed my chance to do so. I fucking HATE THESE SOUTHEASTERN TRAIN FUCKWITS. Why have they made something so simple into such a fucking disaster? On the move and six minutes late. I’m ready to kill. London Bridge is going to be nasty. I’m going to post now so I have both hands free and my wits about me because you can bet your bottom dollar that most of the fuckwits that I must travel with don’t have a fucking clue. Wish me luck.


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