13 Jan


Well – Cannon Street wasn’t bad at all and there is another Plumstead service now that goes between the 18.30 and the 18.46 and it has ten coaches. It is a new train without enough seats but to avoid any sort of fuckery, I am in the luggage rack which is the best seat on the train. I can look at what I want to on my phone and nobody can look over my shoulder. I spied a VIB – book – from my vantage point and the hilarity is almost too much. He is clearly in training for his journey to and from work on Southeastern and is reading The Hunger Games. You couldn’t make this up. I have seen a few tweets likening London Bridge and Lewisham to the hunger games and here is Joe Bloggs reading it – we should get a copy free with our season ticket along with a voucher for a choice of weapons. It is 18.38 and we aren’t moving yet and I am pretty sure London Bridge is going to be unleashing the dregs of fuckery onto this train. Southeastern had the cheek to advise Cannon Street users to find an alternative route due to overcrowding last night. Why should we go elsewhere? How about better planning, looking at figures and footfall for the stations and do the maths – it ain’t going to happen. I’m not going to another station. Fuck – London Bridge is imminent and I’m frightened. There are already people standing and I feel semi safe in my little box but let’s see how many people start cramming on… Well that was an anticlimax. I have one woman stood near me and that is it. Two people walked through from the carriage to my left but that was it. Ok – drama over and I am relaxed. Tomorrow might be a bit different with the buses running normally again but to be honest, so far, so good. The only time there will be fuckage is when there is signal failure like yesterday evening and on those days the DLR will save me. Posting now.


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