New Era

12 Jan

Here we are and I am on the 7.41 and London bound. The front two thirds looked rammed but as I get on at the back I am in my usual seat and all is well so far. I saw that the 7.51 which was a Charing Cross train now comes from Cannon Street and does the loop via Lee and then coming back down this line and into Cannon Street. I think I misunderstood these changes because I thought it just meant that Charing Cross trains weren’t stopping at London Bridge but from the timetable this morning it looks like all trains are going to Cannon Street. That’s going to fuck up a lot of people. Thankfully not me and this morning is no worse than normal down my end of the train. I will see what Cannon Street is like this evening and make a decision for the long term. Bonus of changes means new faces and who is very attractive indeed. He can stay. If only I wasn’t looking quite so damp. There must have been some sort of traffic drama this morning as the bus stops were rammed full of lazy fuckers and the 422 that did pass me still dropped off its lazy load after I arrived at the station. Time to post as I want to listen to some music to drown out the inane conversations that are going on around me.


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