Didn’t Even Bother

12 Jan




Following on from the above joyous news and then news that filtered through from my sources about signal failure at Cannon Street that wasn’t on their website at all, I am on the DLR and Bank is a distant memory at 18.28 – fuck yeah. This morning was busy at London Bridge with everyone getting off and trying to get down to the underground. The bus stop was pretty quiet which was good. Tomorrow is a bus strike so I think I’m going to have to get a train to Woolwich as there aren’t any buses and then the DLR from there to work – what a fucking liberty. I could walk from London Bridge or Cannon Street but I fucking loathe walking with those bunch of fuckwits. Then again I might give it a whirl. Fucking hell it is just commuter hell and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. I’m ready to give in already. Once the bus strike is over – disruption expected for the next two mornings by the way – I will see if I am ready to fight again. Someone on this DLR has been boozing and fuck me does it honk. It’s Monday evening and barely evening at that – no excuse. I can’t place where the smell is coming from either as nobody looks particularly pissed. Ugh I need to post as I’m too livid for words. I just hope tomorrow is better than today.


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