Bucket Rattlers

9 Jan


The woman who always says “come on guys, we’re raising money for children with cancer” wasn’t in the station this evening, she was tag teaming with a bloke at the end of St Swithins Lane and rattling her bucket. It made me just wonder though exactly where this money is going for children with cancer. They don’t say it’s going to help research a cure, or that it is going to treatment, just that it is for children with cancer and I ask you what about everyone else? She needs to rethink her war cry because she sounds like she just wants to buy them sweets and McDonald’s. Another week over and as I stand outside Cannon Street to avoid the mêlée inside, I hear more shouting but I think his shouting is abouy the changes occurring from Monday and they happen straight after a weekend of no trains at all through London Bridge. Good job I have no plans then. Real fuckery was witnessed as I was trying to get down St Swithins Lane before I came to the bucket folk and it was from a man that was ambling along. He was reading from his fucking Kindle and wait, it gets better – the Kindle had a reading light clipped on to it so he didn’t miss a thing. Now how fucking selfish and stupid was that? On the train now and the fuckery continues. The moron above who is pretending to read but it’s obvious to me he is looking at pictures, tried to push in front of me and another man who had been waiting for the train to arrive. He got on and then assumed this position and now he is sitting and kissing his teeth. The VIB has pride of place, snuggling up to him, and he is now bellowing on his handsfree. I hope he gets knocked over by a cyclist before the night is thorough. Time to post as I am carrying a box home with me so my handbag is balanced on top of that instead of in the VIB position. I need to post as I don’t have room to sit like this with someone next to me.


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