Wet Through

8 Jan

It wasn’t raining when I left the house, but it started and got pretty heavy as I walked along and so as my hair was already a write off, I decided to just stand in the rain at the platform edge as another two or three minutes wasn’t going to make much more difference. As always, the morons are all stood under the shelter for fear of any water coming near them at all. Train pulls in on time – shock – and they all then begin to push and jockey for position to get on. Natch I’m in the rain get place and then a woman stands right inside my ass so I backed up onto her as the doors opened and loads of people wanted to get off. She continued to push me so I said outloud – and Posh Pikey’s face was a fucking picture – “stop climbing inside my ass dear, people want to get off” and so once again I have shown to be the miserable old bitch at Plumstead but to be honest I don’t give a shit. If it means that the people I share the waiting space with will ignore me if they see me elsewhere then that is all good. They can think bad of me but if only they knew that they have been ridiculed for many years now, Posh Pikey even before I started blogging as he has been around since about 2008. Two overly makeup teenagers were nearby and looked at me as though I was mental to stand in the rain. I couldn’t really care what I looked like when I’m going to work. It’s work, not a date or a fashion show. They look so over the top it’s unreal. The push for the train on a wet day is so funny, I really don’t get why people do it. You can see through the window that there is more than enough room for you to put your bags and ass down so why all the overdramatic pushing of people? It’s not a train that’s already full – imagine short formed after one that has been cancelled, that sort of chaos – where you have to battle to ensure that you get on. Plus if you want to up your chances then stand in the rain. Simple. Time to post now as I can hear inane chatter – those gobby kids aren’t on again today – and I don’t want to hear that shit.


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