Dainty Elephant

6 Jan


Why do they do it? You can’t see well but she is also wearing fishnet tights – love, but a mirror, your look is offensive to anyone with eyes. Those boots are horrible because she has legs like treetrunks but for some reason, knee high boots are all the rage with Rotunda and her pals this season. I read a piece in the paper a while ago about fatties having botox injections in their fat legs so knee high boots will fit. Best way to get them to fit? Stop wearing them so you can walk normally and lose some weight. Give me strength. Loads of people waiting for the 18.46 again tonight. This train has got busy like the one in the morning. Maybe it’s London Bridge people coming in preparation for next week when the fuckage begins? Then again I don’t know if London Bridge is closed that way for Charing Cross trains. It’s a fucking annoyance though as is the slag sat opposite, opening some cough medicine and necking from the bottle while one bag is on the floor and another is next to her on the seat. In from of me is a different VIB – the b stands for box and he won’t be moving that for anyone as he has a bag on his lap. Why don’t people just engage their brains – oh yeah I remember, they don’t have one. Sorry, I keep forgetting as I think everyone is like me and the amazing Obborati. We are heading for 50,000 hits my dahlings, so spread the word of your old pal Bitch de Jour – shall I run a refer a friend scheme where you can win a cyclists head on a stick? I’m sure you would love that. Cough medicine bitch just got asked to move so someone could sit down – the look she shot the woman is as if the reader woman had just asked to lick her arsehole. What a stuck up woman she is. Just gave someone else an evil look when he wanted to sit in the seat in front and she had to move her crossed leg so he could fit. She is likely to be run over by a cyclist this evening – here’s hoping.


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