Normal Service Resumed

5 Jan

The gobby lawd loving kids are back on board and we have just been held up by people preferring to have a fag outside the station rather than actually be on the platform in time for the train. Welcome one and all – the fuckwits are back. Fag man has sat next to me and he absolutely honks – oh yay he must have read that comment as he has now got up and moved to somewhere else. I saw something pretty amazing while walking to the station at half past seven. Man decanting liquid from an unidentified can into a milkshake bottle. As I drew next to him he left the can on a pile of rubbish and it was a Strongbow can – yes, there is a real life alcoholic and he is drinking the classiest of drinks first thing in the morning. Does he not realise that it will stink and be so obvious so he may as well just drink out of the can? Normal service resumed today as well because the 7.51 was cancelled due to a member of crew being unavailable – so we can safely assume that the driver couldn’t be arsed to get out of bed. Why do they get paid for doing fuck all? The kids are so fucking loud today and as always the mother is just staring at her phone. I can see the screen and it wouldn’t surprise me if she is reading the bible. As always they are taking up six seats which causes no end of congestion when people get on and don’t want to sit anywhere near them. I wouldn’t, the noise is ridiculous. Then again if someone did sit there they might shut up. Time to post – have a great day.


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