2 Jan

This evening there are trains to Plumstead every ten minutes from Cannon Street – what the fuck? This is a Saturday service apparently but they are more frequent and it is 8 coaches instead of six. I am baffled but it is blissful and I have my bag next to me – there are enough fucking seats around and my sale shopping bag deserves to sit alone with its £69.99 price tag visible. Pulled out of platform three on time and crawling to London Bridge – not sure why we are going so slowly. The streets were empty all day – lunchtime was dead and I went to Boots which is usually rammed. The walk this evening was also dead and all the pubs were shut despite it being Friday. Absolutely wonderful. I wish it is like this on Monday but I know it won’t be. I don’t see why they don’t keep this Saturday service running though next week. I’m sure the train this morning was longer than usual as well as the one this evening. Oddly, London Bridge looks pretty busy for today. I am unsure why as it shouldn’t be. I didn’t even look up when people started walking along towards where my bag is. Fuck them. For once I will be one of them. Time to post now. Have a lovely weekend.


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