Posh Pillock

18 Dec

I don’t know what Posh Pikey does for a living but there was some talk of a badge this morning when a random bloke came to speak to him on the platform this morning. I fucking hope he isn’t a copper – surely he is too stupid? On the train now, the school kids that get their own seats are SHOUTING this morning as their mother is on the phone. I really hope that come new year they won’t be getting this train as they are worse than anything that has regularly come before them – bring back Amy Childs wannabe as all is forgiven. It is hard to understand what these kids are even saying with their jesus is lawd accents and their mother needs crucifying and fast as punishment for these little fuckers. I can’t believe it is only Thursday as I can’t wait for tomorrow being the last day at work and probably my last morning Southeastern commute for a very long time as January will bring the major fuckage and there won’t be any fun on trains as they will all be going to Cannon Street. I will wait for someone else to tell me if they are awful or not. I am above that sort of guinea pig bollocks. Ugh I’m going to post. I’m tired and there is a sudden whiff of chicken soup on the train that makes me want to vomit. Have a great day.


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