Santa Clause

15 Dec

I am on the DLR again as the fucking trains are still fucked – the found a hole in the bridge where the train passes over the Thames just outside Cannon Street and they have opened some of Cannon Street but they cancelled the 18.46 so you can tell that they are going to bump all the shit trains and not the nice ones. The DLR isn’t as rammed as it was last time I had to get it home which is nice and there are hardly any people standing. This morning was a bit of a nightmare as our train got stuck behind a failed train so we were held for about 20 minutes at Shadwell. I have a feeling that Santa is driving this train this evening as his voice is familiar and I keep picturing him with a long white beard. He sounds like the Santa voice on one of those apps where you can get a personalised message from Santa – I quite like it. He sounds like a lovely old man. Better than the scummy illiterate men from sarf east lahndahn who make announcements on the Southeastern lines. Time to post as I am being overwhelmed by the stench of gypo opposite with its stinking kid and fried food.


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