Early Start

10 Dec


I am starting to begin my typing this evening and I’m not even on the train yet. I wanted to make sure I could get something down before I am squashed in when I get onto the train at 18.46 and have some fat, fried chicken eating pikey sitting on my lap. Saying that, there isn’t a lot to report. I have been seething all the way to the station following a phone call from an irate customer who might as well had accessed me of lying to him – he had received an email from a colleague who was out of the office but the bloke on the phone assumed I was lying as he thinks you can only email from a computer. This bloke is very high up in a very technical company. I fear for that company. So having that on my mind and I wasn’t even aware of fuckwits on bikes and ambles, I just seethed instead. I did stop and take some pictures which I might post on Instagram later as something to look forward to, but apart from that there isn’t anything to report. I keep hearing someone bellowing along the road but I can’t see them and it’s annoying me – I hate not knowing what is going on. It is by the building site along the road. Finally have something to annoy me – the fuckwits above who have invaded my space completely. They were stood so close to me that my elbow was touching him. It’s worse now and I’m on the 18.30, and it is 18.34 and the bloke opposite is sitting on two seats as though he was on his sofa at home. Look below – spreading out like a motherfucker and I have no leg room. Why can’t people sit properly? Fucking hell, he is one of those who use a stylus on his smartphone and keypad tones are turned on. Time to post so I can busy out some dirty baselines to fuck him off. Wanker.



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