8 Dec


Yes I am just on the 9.46 and it left at 9.50 – no excuse. The vile wanker above is sitting opposite me and sounds like a horse with a cold as he keeps huffing and sniffing and honking his guts up. I would offer him a tissue but he wouldn’t know where to begin with it. It’s a new style train but I am sitting right at the very end of the carriage where they let people park bikes and wheelchairs. I had to run for it as I did think I was going to miss it, and my usual space on the platform was occupied by a pack of school kids in high vis tabards all looking like they needed a slap and there was no way I was going to share my journey with them. I hope they get off before London Bridge or there will be hell to pay. Speaking of children that need a slap and I had the pleasure of having to encounter one on the Jubilee line on Saturday evening as we pulled into Stratford. I was going to the Velodrome, she and her pikey mother were obviously going shopping and the kid thought it would be a wonderful idea to stamp on a ketchup sachet that was on the floor and then of course, the contents sprayed over myself, a family of three and then another woman on her own. The vile little bitch was gone faster than I had even realised what had happened and of course so was her mother so I shared out tissues that I had with me to the afflicted so they could wipe themselves down as best they could. I had that stench of ketchup on me for the next four hours in the Velodrome and then all the way home. What a wonderful time I had, hey? This one is almost as shit now because the man above is still snorting and sniffing and showing off his phlegm. Dirty fucker. Time to post so I can get some music on to drown out the nasal sounds.


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