7.41 To Hades

5 Dec

There is no inbetween with the temperature of a Southeastern train – it is either freezing orthotics enough to melt your very soul and today it is the latter and I’m ready to open a window because it’s just too fucking hot. Work Christmas party this evening but I’m not staying late simply because I’m not really feeling it this year. Window has just been opened by me as I know someone with sense is sitting behind me. The faux greeting was exchanged between Posh Pikey and the normal bloke today – PP was the latter to arrive and tapped the sensible man on the back to say hello but that is where it ended. It is so embarrassing to watch and if I was the sensible man I would ignore him if you don’t really know him. It is like me starting a conversation with Posh Pikey if I saw him elsewhere and how ridiculous and awkward that would be. I just wouldn’t do it. I don’t think I would even acknowledge him being there and I would just keep on going. Fucking hell it is so hot on this train. I feel as though the skin on my leg is peeling away as it is right next to the vents under the window and it’s starting to make me feel very sick indeed. I am not even hot from walking to the station as I battled onto a 177 as it was passing and that took me all the way. Train is actually nicely quiet today so I can only assume that fuckwits think that every Friday in December is black and will try and buy another tv that they don’t need. I want to post so I can sit comfortably and listen to some music.


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