Windows XP

4 Dec


I did see this the other day but I wasn’t able to get a picture. It was all up the swanny again this evening though so here we go – Southeastern are still using Windows XP which Microsoft stopped support for in April this year. I know the NHS is still using XP as they would need to spend money on upgrading all their software which they currently use as well as their machines but Southeastern is funded by us and can afford to upgrade. I don’t know where the money we pay actually goes to because I see no difference in service every day, their staff are as scruffy as fuck, the rolling stock are vile and vandalised and they still use XP – oh wait, I remember now, the money pays management and that is all. People who are so far removed from the actual trains and instead spend time and money negotiating to get wifi on board of the trains that nobody fucking needs or wants. It is daylight robbery and shouldn’t be legal. These fuckers should be accountable for where every penny goes and should tell us where they spend the vast quantities of cash they get every single day. They won’t though and nobody is going to make them. Government turns a blind eye. Maybe I should call the police to report fraud? We have enough evidence that they aren’t spending money where they are meant to. The more I hear about this wifi the more irate I get. Why are they spunking cash on that? What planet do they live on? When was the last time they got a fucking train? I’m going to post before I spontaneously combust and cause a delay to this line. They don’t need a third fire in two weeks to blight their pristine press record – or so they think they have.


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