3 Dec

Winter has arrived officially now as I am wearing my winter coat today for the first time. I also have a hat and gloves in my bag because I fear it will be cold when I leave work this evening when it’s dark. Saying that, I am sweating my tits off on the train because the heating is belching out but I am sitting near the door so an occasional icy blast is quite pleasant. Posh Pikey was dressed up to the nines this morning in the style of an arctic expedition – he has been dressing like that for weeks though. It looked like he had upgraded his nan’s holdall to something that looked a bit more leathery but still was more in keeping with swinging from Lionel Blair’s forearm than his. I think I will get him a mirror for Christmas so he can try and improve his look. Ousted a nasty looking VIB so I could sit down and as always you are shot a look as though you had asked if you could give her boyfriend a blowjob in full view of everyone ever. It’s hilarious, it really is. If I see a bag, I will ask if to move even if there are loads of other seats. Nothing like pissing off a fuckwit before 8am. I am out this evening to the O2 as it invited me round for a Christmas celebration. We see each other all the time but I think it has taken a fancy to me so it asked me to come and visit. Rude to say no, isn’t it. So I am unlikely to he posting this evening. I am going to post now so I can get my ipod on to drown out the shit emanating from the VIB owner next to me. Have a warm day, Obborati.


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