Moronic Monday

1 Dec

The bus was nowhere to be seen so I walked to the station and was almost run over by some slag driving very fast and not taking into account that she isn’t the only human on earth and that there might be some people crossing the road ahead of her. That certainly woke me up – and then I told her what a fuckwit she was. Now I am on the 7.41 which is on time as much as possible but I am perched on the aisle seat because the wanker next to me doesn’t want to sit in his seat properly – massive cock and balls is such a disability in some people – and even though I virtually sat on his lap to reclaim the space he hardly moved over and is swapping between his oversized phone and the paper sports pages – what a cock. I’m going to have to post as I don’t have black Friday as a reason for the train to be empty today and soon I will be penned in from the other side. What a joy to behold.


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