“The Law In My Pocket”

28 Nov


Fuck me we left work a little bit early, managed to fit in a full on altercation with a cyclist and I am somehow on the 18.21 in a window seat – it must be black hole Friday. The heating is pumping out and I am absolutely sweating my tits off even with the window open – all are open in fact on this part of the carriage. Two men seem to be counting the number of people on the carriage but I don’t know why they are doing it today when it’s payday Friday and we are lacking in normal number due to the lure of alcohol and also “bargains” so it’s a waste of time. They are pictured above for you. I wonder if they are counting bags on seats well because they are part and parcel of the journey today. This train is delayed as it only arrived at 18.19 and we are still sitting here at 18.25 – oh just moving now. Man behind me is sucking sweets and it sounds disgusting. I can’t stand that lip smacking sound. Makes me feel sick. The title is a quote from the cyclist who sped through along the completely pedestrianised part of Throckmorton and was obviously told to get off and walk by yours truly but he skidded to a stop to come and ask me why – yes, really. He in fact then harassed me by following me all the way around to Threadneedle Street where he waved “the law” at me to which I said “so that is the law is it? A piece of paper printed off from the internet and you think that covers you?” – he had fished it out after I told him that he is breaking the law by speeding along the pavement and he replied “I have the law in your pocket you know” and I said “you must have fucking big pockets mare” – what a wanker? What sort of person rides around with a piece of paper in their pocket waiting to be challenged? Oh yes, this one. If he wants to look clever he should at least invest in the highway code and read that rather than a single paragraph from fuck knows where as I didn’t bother to read it. I saw some sort of coat of arms at the top which I assume he thought made it look official. Now this paper would wash with the black Friday sheep but not with me – cock. Speaking of cocks the “salesman” at work was on form today as we had no boss in the office. I would say he spent an hour – broken up throughout the day – making calls to potential customers and the rest of the time he is on his mobile. All that time has been logged today and I made sure I planted the seed with HR so I crossy fingers and hope the fucker is out on the street by Christmas. Anyway, time to post now – toodle pip, Obborati.


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