27 Nov


I had an email to say that the 7.51 would be short formed and then another email saying of signal problems and trains may be cancelled but nowhere did it say that the 7.41 was going via Lewisham after we have been to Charlton. Not even an announcement at the station so I wonder how many fuckwits are going to think we are going to Greenwich. Oh lord, the driver has just said that the train is calling at all stations via Greenwich – maybe he doesn’t even know where he is going. It is as always a fucking shambles. A magical mystery your if you like, but as long as we go to London Bridge I will be happy. I had better start planning my journey for when the train fuckage behins in the new year and all trains will go to Cannon Street. That is going to make the trains home 200% worse as everyone will be going to Cannon Street to get home. I don’t think it will make the mornings any worse for the bus but people will be bundling off at London Bridge in droves which will make the tube even worse. Just picked up at Woolwich Dockyard and the platform announcement said we are going via Lewisham – let’s see where we do go after Charlton. Here we are, ready to pick up the chavs at Charlton and I want to hear where the driver says we are going, where the platform says we are going and then which fork we take just past here where we can either go through the tunnel or via Greenwich. The scrolling signs on board just say we are going to Cannon Street and nothing more. Driver has just told us now that we are going via Lewisham – Christ almighty how can this be? How can he know now when I knew when I was at Plumstead ten minutes ago? Hilariously the on board announcement has just said the next station is Westcombe Park… I don’t know how these cowboys were allowed to inflict another four years of this bullshit on us. I want to find out who made that decision. I think another letter to the leaders of the UK is in order. I’m going to post now – well as soon as we get out of this fucking massive tunnel I will – and then I will enjoy the uncrowded train on this special day. I wish my train went this way every day. Miss out the wannabes that are past Charlton to the right and collect people who just don’t care from Lewisham. Happily missing out Blackheath too. Until this evening, Obborati.



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