27 Nov


Again it was advertised as being on time so I think all is well, then I go into the station at the fucker is only just pulling out at 18.27 – so I am on the 18.30 because I know there will be fuckery with the 18.46 this evening if the 18.21 was so fucked. With the 18.21 leaving late it means that this train is virtually empty which is a blessing and even though I am sitting with my feet sliding about on what look like discarded nuts, I am pretty much alone while I  bound to Abbey Wood to get the bus. Might even nip in to get some chips if the bus is going to be a while. The “salesman” was up to his old tricks again the moment our boss left the office and I kept my notes on my log which is now very incriminating and he has no idea. Theost hilarious thing is that he spends all that time on his phone, walks to the doors and gets his coat on, leaves the office and at the top of the stairs – as I can sadly still see him from my desk – he gets his fucking phone out to check it as of he hasn’t looked for hours. That motherfucker needs his P45 by Christmas and I will do all I can to make sure he gets it. So the train pulled out of Cannon Street on time but we are now just stopped outside London Bridge and we have been for four minutes so far, oh moving now and hopefully into position. I assume the Greenwich line is open again this evening but I didn’t really bother to check. As long as nobody comes to sit next to me I will be happy. I hope that all the livestock skipped to get the delayed 18.21 and will not bother with this one. Well woop de doo – nobody penning me in and I can safely say that the trains today have been the quietest I have had for weeks now. What a change it makes. It is even bordering on nice dare I say it? Time to post – I need to start panicking about the bus now at Abbey Wood.


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