Southeastern Twilight Zone?

26 Nov


How can this keep happening? Train leaves Dartford fairly on time and then between there and Slade Green all hell breaks loose and the train is delayed. It is currently advertised and arriving st 7.46 and the fast train has only just passed now and it is 7.39 – late train means a rammed train. Why is it so hard to get it right? Now my ass has just sat down on the train and it is 7.49 – no email about the delay, no reason given on the tannoy at the station or on the train – it’s a fucking twilight zone that they just can’t explain. Maybe there is a black hole just outside of Dartford that causes these fuck ups seemingly every single day. The black hole obviously ensures that the train is rammed with fucknuts who insist on sitting on the outside seat because to them, they are the only person who is able to move. I must share with you the fuckery from last night that quite literally landed on me at Deptford. She was old, she had one of those trolleys, she was massively overweight and so much so that she had to reverse herself into the aisle seat next to me, but in doing so, didn’t bother to put her reversing beeper on and instead just fucking pretty much sat all of her weight on me. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she then positioned her trolley in the way, fumbled inside it and retrieved a bag with faux KFC inside and the proceeded to shovel vile stinking chicken and chips down her gob for my entire journey. I was soon sat with my face buried in my scarf and I thanked god I already had my ipod in as I could tell that she was smacking her lips together and sucking the marrow out of the bones. I had hoped she was going to get off at Woolwich Dockyard or Arsenal but no, she was there when I needed to get off and so I asked her to move just as we left Woolwich Arsenal because I knew she was going to be slow. When she did finally hoist her huge rear up off the seat and let me get out, she was told “next time you want to eat your dinner, do it at home” because doing that on a train was just disgusting. Why stink out the whole carriage? She wasn’t pleased with my comment but I couldn’t give a fuck as what she had just put me through was wrong, and she is lucky that I didn’t say anything sooner and she is lucky the box of disgusting good wasn’t pushed against her nasty little face. Ugh what a vile bitch? I’m going to post now as I have ranted enough. London Bridge will be fun this morning now with two lots of people on board. Until this evening.




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