Back To Southeastern

24 Nov


I saw there were severe delays on the Overground this morning so I am back on the train even though there was an accident where a train hit the buffers and caused a fire at Charing Cross yesterday. Surrounded now by the usual fuckwits – to my left is a girl curled up trying to sleep which means using a seat and a half so she can point herself into a corner. Oh joy, woman opposite has got off so now I have a window seat and it is my firstorning window seat for weeks. I have had to sit on the outside for ages now. Time to get the iPod on as there is a screeching kid nearby… That’s better, a bit of Bryan to remind me of my Saturday night at the O2 which was amazing. So yes, back to the trains. I was worried that the Overground platform at Shadwell was going to be very overcrowded and as it is only about three foot wide it isn’t very safe. I had to deal with that last week so I didn’t fancy it again. Train isn’t bad. Had to have a walking race to pass a bloke puffing on a spliff on my way to the station as the bus was a no go. Then someone who decided to walk right behind me so I then had to up my pace to shake him as it is always so uncomfortable to have someone that close by. It is anoyhet gorgeous and coatless morning and the sun is shining. It is a bit nippy but we will be warm again later. Picture above from when I left the house. I’m going to post now as I have just been penned in by seventeen bags. Lovely.


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