Lip Smacking Wanker

19 Nov

Currently sitting on the 96 – yes, sitting – and there is a child nearby who is insisting on chewing gum and slapping his nasty lips at the same time, in the style of a cow chewing the cud. It’s fucking vile and I am glad that soon I will be off the bus and skipping to the DLR station to get that. Not so lucky with seats on the DLR now I am on it, as there was only two minutes before it left and now I am stood by the door and hoping that we get some seats freed up at Canning Town before I start to feel ill and drop to the floor like a stone. The kid with sweets got on after me again this morning and thankfully doesn’t have a seat to occupy which makes me happy. Kids don’t need to sit down, especially a porker like that – stand up and do some exercise you tubby little fucker. Still standing so I’m going to post as it’s hard to balance and type.


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