Let Down

18 Nov


I must apologise, Obborati, for my absence yesterday. I had been struck down with a sore head since Saturday afternoon and there was no shifting it. I have been catapulted back into normality and as I sit on this 180 bus I am watching three girls trying to shovel in as many marshmallows to their mouths as possible. To be honest they all look like they could lay off the sweets especially at 7.30am. I am on my way to Woolwich because the 7.41 is cancelled and as usual this is because of a “train fault” which seems to be happening more and more frequently. Just now wishing the silly little schoolie slags would choke on the sweets they keep shovelling in over and over but no, they haven’t yet and there is no sign of stopping. It is a beautiful morning this morning and the slags have spotted a rainbow – maybe I should tell them that Harry Styles is at the end of it so they get off and go in search of him to leave us in peace. I am a bit surprised that I am able to sit down on the bus this morning and still see the front doors because usually by now it is rammed. That’s better – on a newly arrived DLR and nicely positioned by the door so I can skip out at Shadwell. I do hope this doesn’t get overcrowded – we already have a demanding kid on asking for chocolate and like the tubby teens on the bus, this one looks like it should stick with lettuce leaves as opposed to chocolate for breakfast. The kid on board has a huskier voice than Mariella Frostrup which is wrong on a 7 year old. Oh joy of joys, a lady just asked to sit down on the seat that the kid was on – touché lady because that is exactly right. Oddly the kid and it’s minder have both disappeared now – where did they go? Not that I give a shit. On the move now from Woolwich and Shadwell bound. Made the mistake of sitting next to a perspex partition and there is a huge bobbling ass glaring at me through the ether. She keeps bending over to get things from the bag between her legs and thus I am being winked at continually. It isn’t a pretty sight. I’m going to post and save myself for this evening.


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