18 Nov


Bearing in mind that it is still not cold here and I am yet to wear a coat, the woman in front has just got on wearing what looks like a duvet and she has opened the train window. Now tell me, why not just take your coat off? Sitting there trussed up like a turkey and meanwhile I am going to get cold air blowing on my neck now. She isn’t even sitting by the window and has opted for the outside seat. Now we have a man sitting opposite me on the aisle seat and his bag is onbyhe floor, but his bag is a backpack and the straps are all hanging out into the aisle and that is an accident waiting to happen. There is train fuckage this evening but I am not surprised. Two out of two for me so far this week. This evening’s excuse is a faulty piece of track in the New Cross area. We don’t go near the New Cross area as we aren’t on that line but as always, we don’t get any sort of priority. It was a good journey this morning from Shoreditch and I even had a wave from Paddington as you can see below. Not seen him before but it did make me smile. We are on the move now and only two minutes late. Puzzlingly, a large amount of people were running down the platform in the opposite direction to normal as we were about to pull out – I do hope I am on the right train. As has become normal now, I don’t see anyone that I recognise on the train this evening. London Bridge was rammed and there are people now standing but duvet coat bitch hasn’t moved a fucking inch to let someone sit down. Ugh I’m going to post – done with this for today. I’m thinking the DLR is the way forward for the morning at least.



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