Meet The Managers

14 Nov


I keep forgetting to moan about this but today I have remembered. They keep announcing the Meet The Managers sessions at selected stations and these take place between 4.30pm and 6.30pm – now tell me, who has time for that? You are either at work or on your way home so it’s pointless. These managers clearly don’t want to meet the people who pay their wages or they would ensure that these sessions took place at a time of day that everyone could come to. The morning sessions are from 8am and again, nobody has time for that as they are rushing to get to work. A fucking waste of time and besides it’s much more relaxing doing this real-time moaning as I do now than it would be to try to remember the shit when I have to meet them. The 7.41 was late again this morning as were trains before it. No email, no announcement at the station just turns up late. Today I tracked the 7.41 that leaves Dartford at 7.25 and the delay was between there and the first stop but for some reason the board at Plumstead didn’t bother to announce this delay until after I got to the station. These fuckers never make up time when they are late so just tell us from the outset so we can rage from the beginning. So here I am on the once again busy train, and sitting next to a skinny bloke who has his legs agape so his massive cock and balls have somewhere to air, and then he is composing an email so his elbows are sticking out like someone doing the oakey cokey (not actually sure how you spell that as I have never typed it before) so it must be important. The orange gobby Woolwich Dockyard bitches are here and all talking shit as usual. Two women insisting on sitting on the outside seats and it’s a wonder to me why this lanky prick to my right didn’t do the same when he got on. The legs agape are because he has long legs and apparently this is the only way to sit. Fuck off mate, you aren’t the only tall person sitting in these two seats. Friday is damp and I am feeling a bit tired but I’m hoping for a nice day at work with it being Friday. I also have had no events this week and my next one isn’t until 22nd when I go to see my old mate Bryan Adams with some close personal and obviously very regal and royal companions. I’m going to post as we have just tried at Westcombe Park which has become overly busy these last few weeks and I have no idea why. Answers on a postcard please because it’s getting ridiculous. We are now full by this station whereas before people at Maze Hill also had a chance of a seat. Posting.


One Response to “Meet The Managers”

  1. fromthemurkydepths November 15, 2014 at 5:04 pm #

    Westcombe Park could be as more new homes are finished and people move in? Also maybe some are students as all the big unis in central London & SE London are expanding pretty quickly and lots of students are moving into house/flat shares?

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