10 from 5

14 Nov


Aren’t you lucky, Obborati – I have managed to give you ten blogs from five days this week and I can’t remember the last time I was able to provide you with a full quota. It has been a slow day as Fridays usually are. I spent most of my day slagging people off, intertwined with a bit of Christmas shopping at last, some Tweeting and then the rest of the time was spent being great. I am on the 18.46 which arrived later than usual but we should be on the way home soon. The doors opened and a huge whiff of alcohol came out and only two blokes got off who I don’t think had been drinking so fuck knows how much the drinkers had been drinking. Then I get on and see the bottle left on the seat above. Then I see the woman in the picture completely disregard sitting in any of those six seats because there is an empty bottle of wine on just one of those seats. Still nobody is sitting there and still people are passing by to avoid it – three in a row, and just one more now too. Seriously, you aren’t in a fucking Rolls Royce, you are on a Southeastern pile of shit and you are going to deep south – you can’t possibly be choosey about an empty fucking bottle on the seat. Move it and move on. I will see how many people at London Bridge do the same now we are en route… I also took that small interlude to get my ipod on before the gobby wankers get on, pulling in now. Five people point blank avoided it and now at last when it was the last seat available someone has finally engaged their brain and put it on the floor. Fucking morons. Now I have one of the avoiders sitting on my lap as she has an ass as wide as that Kardashian whore and it isn’t as slippery so I may end up with chafing to my thigh. Time to post – I’ve had enough of this week. Sleep for two days now. Can’t wait.


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