11 Nov

I am suffering from inhalation of paint fumes due to the fuckwitted builders at work who just paint and don’t bother to warn anyway and don’t bother to ventilate the area. Throughout the afternoon I have sniffed more and more and now all I can taste is that fucking cheap paint they are slathering on to the doors. Shouldn’t you sand it down before putting on fresh paint? Or possibly give it a wash? Nah mate, just later it on over semi-gloss and hope for the best. What’s more is that they painted our office door and fucked off with everything open – uh sorry love, we like to lock our floor and put the alarm on before we leave rather than leave it open for all and sundry to come in to. On the 18.46 – it was very late coming in to the station so it will late leaving although they won’t tell us that. Mincey prick pushed on after standing inside me on the platform gushing over a shit magazine with what looked like camping clothing in, and he sat in MY seat. I am now sat in front of him and he has his knees up because I can feel them pressed into my back. Please get run over by a cyclist on the way home, wanker. It was another busy day at work but justice was served because the cock who decided not to bother turning up until one on Friday when there was no bosses in the office was suitably cautioned this morning. Why do people take the fucking piss so much? You are paid to be there for 40 hours a week, not 30 – he still fucks off five to ten minutes early every evening. I think his days are numbered. Let’s hope so as I’m not usually wrong about these things. Time to post as we are now rammed from collecting the London Bridge livestock.


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